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The Foundation has established and maintains relationships with similar public organizations of CIS member states, with their regional offices, branch offices, as well as with international, national and other public organizations dealing with social protection of servicemen and other citizens.
They are:
  • International Public Association "Federal Chamber"; 
  • Committee officers of Bashkortostan; 
  • Ukrainian fund social guarantees for servicemen and veterans of the Armed Forces; 
  • St. Petersburg Foundation for Socio-economic programs; 
  • Kaliningrad Regional socio-charitable foundation support and provision of social guarantees to servicemen transferred to the reserve; 
  • Interregional Public Organization resettlement reserve of the Russian Federation; 
  • Inter-regional socio-political movement "new alliance" of the Russian Federation; 
  • Belarusian Fund "Mutual Understanding and Reconciliation"; 
  • Fund for International Partnerships "Kaunterpartner", USA; 
  • The international charitable association "Sofia", USA; 
  • International public charity "Hope Express"; 
  • Christian charity "Taba", Germany and others. 
  • Co-founded the Foundation created in Moscow 'International Business Fund ex-servicemen "Mars-Mercury." 
The Coordination Council of the Armed Forces Veterans' organizations and law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Belarus was estyablished according to the initiative of the Foundation to improve the efficiency of interaction between public organizations in Belarus, dealing with social security and support.